Ithell Colquhoun's Taro is Almost Here!

prince of earth.png

Robert Ansell from Fulgur Ltd. and I have been collaborating on a number of beautiful projects designed to bring the work of Ithell Colquhoun to life. Earlier this year saw Fulgur's release of the spectacularly designed The Decad of Intelligence, Colquhoun's intensive color abstract study of the sephiroth of the Tree of Life.  

Mid-March will see the publication of her 1977 abstract Taro Deck Taro as Colour. This will be a stunning collection of reproductions of the 78 enamel cards she created using the Surrealist method known as "psychomorphology".  The deck, organized around Kabbalistic and elemental principles, was designed for contemplation and unlike many other figurative decks immerses the viewer more in the map than the destination.  You can preorder from Fulgur Ltd.

Amy Hale